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Sudip Dutta - Fine Art Store, Digital and Graphic Art

Versatility of mediums is what distinguishes Sudip Dutta and his contemporaries. His journey from his birthplace [Jharkhand] to his place of study [Baroda] and then place of work [Palanpur] has been one strewn with a lot of different cultures and facets. Apart from teaching at a college, he has also worked as an art assistant in films in Mumbai. He is majorly influenced by the memories, images and sounds of his childhood where he lived in an industrial town with factories and large chimneys. He juxtaposes these images with contemporary themes bringing out a balance of the contemporary and expressionist art. Apart from having numerous shows around the world, his art works adorns the walls of the elite of India. He is fascinated by poetry as according to him the poet expresses in two lines emotions he cannot justify in his own canvas.