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Raju Baraiya - Fine Art Store, Digital and Graphic Art

The simple village life and the fast-paced city life are the worlds that inhabit the works of Raju Baraiya. He explores through his art a space, which embodies the calmness of the village and the abrupt characteristics of the city. His artwork thus becomes a visual landscape of his psychology and beliefs as well as a platform to marry these two contradictory worlds. The approach to his image making starts with the representation of the unknown happenings of the city. He does so by spilling paints, making marks, leaving accidental stains and dabs of paint on the surface and creates a kind of a background. Later he draws the momentary state of mind intuitively on this accidental surface. His art talks of the dual state of his mind, which he experiences between what he can relate and what he cannot. He also paints animals like the donkey or the dog in his paintings, which become symbolic of a poignant village life. Raju Baraiya's art practice thus stems from this continuous urge to create a space for himself in the apparent duality of his dwellings.