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Living Canvas is all about how the beauty of art can enhance the whole look for any space uniquely. With a team of years of expertise we strive to bring our clients and artists closer.

We connect the artist to its ‘just-right’ admirer. Our clients introduce us to their space and we glorify it by adapting the artist’s work as per the client’s personal preferences, character and attitude.

So, no matter whether it is the wall which is the center of focus of your home or just a coffee table in your balcony;

we are equipped with the right art for every space. Art is a way of life, live it, cherish it.


Types of Art

  • Fine Art Store 

    Fine Art Store

    As they say, "A painting is never finished - it simply stops in interesting places." Paul Gardner” An Artist puts his soul & observations of his lifetime into a painting that he has been living in his mind. The grandeur of a painting is how the interpretation of it defers from person to person. Living canvas offers a wide collection of such magnificent fine art paintings, which can add value not just to your space but also in your style.

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  • Digital and Graphic Art

    Digital and Graphic Art

    Digital art is nothing but using technology such as a computer to recreate the essence of an existing art object. Graphic design is bringing in the elements of design together in one frame to create an eternal piece of art. When you plan to restore or plan a completely new personal or commercial place, everything you pick for its décor is a reflection of who you are. Living Canvas brings a large collection of beautiful Indian art which can blend in with any texture and revamp the complete look of your own grand space.

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  • Serigraph 


    Serigraphy, also known as screen printing, is a unique method of recreating an image on paper or any other textured material by pressing print through a screen over a stencil. Not just is it different but it helps adding charm to large spaces with the kind of art you like. Living Canvas has been creating serigraphs of several kinds of art and we can easily customize your requirements at the earliest.

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  • Photography 


    “See the world through the lens of creativity”. Photography is the simplest thing in the world when you look at it. But every detail in a picture is an art of observation that makes it so perfect. Living canvas is a connecting link between your thoughts, personality & your requirements to make your space vibrant with colours and serenity.

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