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Jitendra Baoni - Fine Art Store, Digital and Graphic Art

Society and the way its functioning today is something that Jitendra Baoni is passionate about. His art works symbolize liberty and represent freedom from the physical restrictions of the earthly mundane life. Born in the princely state of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, he is now settled in Baroda, post his masters in graphic art from MSU. Most of Baoni's work is a direct result of his reflections with the turbulence that happens in the everyday world today. The world that is rife with terrorism, communal riots, people missing and suffering due to food and shelter. Thus, through his art he aims to depict a world free from human restrictions and suffering. His work is not about the urban or the rural, but about a certain section of the society, which the world actively chooses to turn a blind eye. His landscape is full of elements like birds, books, flying figures denoting that education has not been able to bring the desired freedom that every individual pursues in life. An academician, a sculptor and a speaker Jitendra's art filters in every form and shape.