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Divya Pandey - Fine Art Store, Digital and Graphic Art

Born in Allahabad, Divya Pandey studied in Lucknow and is now based out of Baroda. Her paintings talk about the chitter-chatter that happens all around her, initiated by intellectuals or well-wishers around me. The people in her works sometimes look like headless animals, talking and discussing their views endlessly without paying heed to attention and the breaking down of a dialogue. Eventually, the societies gossiping habit becomes part of her work where she presents it through her paintings. The effect of gossiping is interesting for her as it presents things in a decorated format. In addition, sometimes we are so involved in these stories that one forgets ones human nature and starts behaving like an animal. One can see this expression being articulated in Divya's works. She is of the opinion that the modern man is caught in an intellectual prison of his own making and his mind has been heavily deluded into false notions of life, making it almost impossible for him to see things as they are. Most of her works are on handmade paper and she works with watercolors, gouache, ink, coffee and gold foil.